Where Do Twenty Something Professionals Live in DC?

Last week,  it was a question about social media and dating (namely, “When is it appropriate to Facebook someone you are dating?“) that led someone to this blog. This week, the question is about being a twentysomething in DC.

Since the collective of the group is always much wiser than my thoughts alone, I pose this person’s question to you in the form of the poll below. Feel free to elaborate on your answer (perhaps explaining why you’ve chosen the answers you have) and to suggest areas I did not include.

Where Do Twenty Something Professionals Live in DC?

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  • http://plightofthepumpernickel.blogspot.com The Pumpernickel

    Cleveland Park 🙂

  • http://WebsiteURL Merici

    U St, come on Julie! You know this 😉

  • http://nclud.com Martin Ringlein

    Adams Morgan is where it is at!

  • http://iamaveragejane.wordpress.com Average Jane

    I have bounced from burb to burb — was in Rockville, now in Fairfax. But if I was going to live in DC, I’d pick Cleveland Park… Dupont maybe? Definitely not The Hill. Not sure my couch would fit with all the ego and pretense 🙂

  • http://WebsiteURL AMT

    Fastest growing population of 20-somethings has to be CH, but Dupont, the Hill, and Chinatown/Mt. Vernon are pretty Rife, too. Biggest area you neglected to mention: Mt.P!

    I’ve lived just off of Chinatown, in the midst of Adams Morgan, and on H St NE, personally.

  • http://WebsiteURL Ben Wacks

    There is definitely a good amount of young people in Van Ness, being pretty much in the Cleveland Park area.

  • http://twitter.com/julieminevich/statuses/2535541692 julieminevich (Julie Minevich)

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    Recent blog post on “Where Do Twenty Something Professionals Live in DC?” may help you, @loganhickman: [link to post]. 🙂 (via @dsaxman )

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  • Howard

    H Street NE Corridor