What Really Grinds My Gears: Online Dating

Online Dating. It’s a great concept since who really has the time, energy, or connections to go out and meet new people all the time? Right?

Here’s what really turns me off of the whole thing: The online talking! (Ridiculous, I know. If I don’t want online talking, what am I doing considering online dating.)
But, seriously. I want to read a guy’s profile, decide we might potentially be a match, then set up a place and time to talk and meet the person. In person.
None of this IM crap. Because how well can you really get to know a person online? And if you go over everything online, what’s the incentive to meet? And how easy is it to misinterpret something that’s been said? Or to misrepresent yourself?
I’m committed to meeting an intelligent, outgoing, well-spoken guy. And if he can only do it online, well, then we’re both S.O.L!