What Really Grinds My Gears: Birth Year Pull Down Menus

You’re registering for a new website and it asks for you for your birthday…
You click the pull down menu for Month – check!
You type in the appropriate Date – check!
You click the pull down menu for Year – AND IT LISTS ALL YEARS BETWEEN 1908 AND 2008???

Please tell me how it is possible for someone born in 2008 to be registering for a website? And many sites have policies that those under 13 can’t register, so wouldn’t it make sense that the last possible year be 1995? (Don’t get me started on how unlikely it is that someone who’s 100 is registering…)

The argument can be made that this involves updating the pull down menu yearly – but doesn’t that have to happen anyway so that 2009 is added?

I know this is a really crazy thing to zero in on, but it irks me every time. Let’s use some common sense here, people!

  • http://ocdman.blogspot.com James

    I HATE those things, too!