As I get ready to leave for work, my youngest sister is usually eating or finishing up her breakfast. We chat as I make my lunch. Today she introduced me to her new friend, who, according to my sister, was sitting in the seat next to her. Ah, imaginary friends. I never had one, so it’s interesting to hear about hers. I don’t think it’ll last long, since she forgot about her friend within a matter of seconds.

But, onto the point! Every morning, my sister stands on our couch and waves goodbye to me from the window as I pull out of the driveway. Yes, there are days when she’s still in her high chair and doesn’t, or days where I run out in a bad mood and don’t remember to let her know I’m leaving. BUT- today I told her I was leaving, and asked her if she would wave me goodbye and she said NO!

I know I shouldn’t be upset, I know she’s only 2, but… I was sad when I left for work this morning. Hopefully tomororow I’ll get a wave goodbye.

  • Just Wandering

    How fun to have a two year old sister! Good times all around.