three’s company

Today, three of my fellow Bostonians began their Spring 2006 adventures. Three different young women headed to three very different destinations. (Thinking about it now, they left in the order that I’ve known them… coincidence? I think… probably.)

Sarah and I met in sixth grade. We were in the same big group of friends. This picture was taken sophomore year of high school (Spring 2001)… as the years went on we became closer. She’s off to New Orleans as a transfer student at Tulane University. She hasn’t been in school (college) since Fall 2004, so this will be a big change for her.

My friends at Maryland and I always talk about what we would do if we were students at Tulane. Our consensus is that if we had been there from Freshman year, and all our friends were there, we’d go back without a doubt, even though the area surrounding the school is a disaster and the structure at Tulane has changed. However, if we were transferring, or if we were Freshmen, we all agree that we’d probably go somewhere else. Most people choose Tulane for the city, and if the city’s not there anymore…

Anyway, Sarah left for Tulane this morning. I saw her last night and said bye to her. I wish her the best of luck and hope that she has a happy, enjoyable, crazy semester.

I’ll always remember the way I met Liz. It was seventh grade and she had just moved from a different town. For some reason, this girl she knew from beforehand didn’t like me, so Liz threatened me… something about the fact that she was from the ghetto and would cut me with a knife if I hurt her friend. Long story short, we ended up having the same crazy best friend in common, and after high school we got really close (this picture was taken Spring Break 2004). I hand out with her all the time now when I’m back home on vacations.

Liz left today around 1:00pm for Sevilla, Spain. She’s nervous because she doesn’t speak Spanish, but is doing a homestay. This summer she travelled to India for five weeks to work in an orphanage. I figure if she can conquer India, Spain should be no problem. Liz and I traveling around Europe for a month after our programs end.

I wish her the best of luck and hope that she has a happy, enjoyable, crazy semester.

Jackie is one of my best friends at school (college). What makes it even better is that she lives 20 minutes from me at home, so I get to see her on breaks. We met through mutual friends Freshman year and are in the same little tight-knit group of friends.

Jackie is bubbly and fun. When I hang out with her, it’s a refresher course on how to not take life to seriously. Jackie is spending the semester abroad in Rome. Hopefully, I will get to see her.

Jackie was freaking out a little bit this week, understandbly. Her main concern was that once she gets to Rome, there’s really no coming back until May. You’re stuck there.

I don’t doubt that her worries will disappear as soon as she arrives. I wish her the best of luck and hope that she has a happy, enjoyable, crazy semester.

(Saying bye to these three girls was a little surreal. I can’t believe that they are actually going off to explore the world – I still have seventeen days before I leave. And that’s a very long time.)

  • Marie

    Hi Julie,

    I came across your blog from the Question of the Day site–when I saw you were a West Wing addict, I had to say “hey!”

    I’ve been a fan since 1999–when the show began. I’m with you on making the choice to watch TWW as my only show, if I had to.

    I’m gonna go check out the rest of your blog. Check mine out sometime.


  • Horace Finkle

    Sweet pictures! France? Cool!

    – Horace Finkle, Teenage Ghost
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