The Social Media Way Of Life

Last Night, I attended what I hope will be the first of many Social Media Club – DC meetings held at the National Press Club.

The topic was on social search and there were a lot of really interesting points that were made. I’ve forgotten the majority, but some that have stuck with me include:

  • Is there any value in organizing and archiving old social networking actions?
  • Are mobile communities the next step in this media revolution?
  • What are the ways social networking sites are trying to create revenue?
  • Why isn’t Google more involved in this social media space?

There were a few things that distinguished this club meeting from others:

First, cell phones and laptops were everywhere with people typing away. By cell phones I mean iPhones because you aren’t cool in the social media world if you don’t have one. (I own one so I’m allowed to mock.) BlackBerrys will do as well. The amazing thing was that no one was offended by the attention given to these electronic devices rather than the presenters. In fact, it was almost encouraged.

That’s because everyone who was typing away was most likely providing commentary on the live discussion by posting to their twitter accounts. It was almost like there were two interconnected conversations taking place concurrently but separately. The second, the one on twitter, was, of course, a result of the in-person discussion and the twitter comments were mentioned a few times in the live discussion, but again, for the most part, they were taking place independently and simultaneously.

Also, people were referring to others not by there real names but by their twitter pseudonyms which sounds really awkward but wasn’t. If you think about it, attendees probably interact with each other primarily online and are used to identifying each other by their twitter user names.

Lastly, everyone was so social it was almost overpowering. This, of course, makes perfect sense. The whole basis of social media is the connections you make with others. Those who are best at making those connections can take full advantage of this new phenomenon and are most likely to be its biggest proponents.

If you were at the SMC-DC meeting last night, were my impressions correct? Are there other nuances I missed?

If you have no idea what any of this means, what clubs are you a part of that have their own special traditions? Does what I’ve described sound completely crazy?

  • jeremy

    I think you’ve got a great analysis of what Twitter can do. It really is a different world. I had a similar experience at #smj08 a few weeks back.

    …and thanks for the blogroll link. That’s some impressive company. I’m honored.