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A Few Thoughts on Facebook Places

Tonight, Facebook unveiled its new geo-location feature: Facebook Places. Here’s a quick video the company has put out to explain the new feature.

Now, for my thoughts:

  • I’m pretty excited for the unveiling of Facebook places. I’ve used Foursquare, a niche geo-location social network since March 2009 and I’ve definitely found it useful and fun. I think that many more people will be exposed to the concept of sharing their physical locations with their online social networks which will only add richness and value to all users.
  • I do think that there will be a backlash regarding privacy concerns. I don’t think that the general population is really ready to embrace this type of online/offline interaction. I give Facebook kudos by being proactive and explaining the privacy settings up front. Clearly, the company has learned its mistake of being too open with users’ data.
  • A huge win for Facebook places is its ability to also check users into Foursquare, Gowalla and Yelp. This helps ensure that the early adopters who have built a community on those sites can migrate to Facebook and know that they will still be able to engage with those services.
  • Where are the women project managers in the video above? The video makes sure that the Facebook spokespeople are all culturally diverse but gender equality seems to be missing…

So, what do you think? Are you excited to try out Facebook Places? Concerned about how it may erode privacy?

Five Reasons to Love: Digsby

digsby icon Digsby is a program that integrates instant messaging, e-mail notifications and social networking actions. I downloaded Digsby a little over a month ago, and never expected that I would come to love / rely on it as much as I have….

Here are my TOP FIVE* reasons for being a “raving fan” of Digsby:

  1. I can be online with multiple screen names from multiple services. That means I can be signed onto several GChat accounts AND with several AIM names AND facebook chat. (It also supports MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and Jabber, but I don’t use any of those…)
  2. It manages my instant messages and notifies me when I get new e-mails as well as updates to my twitter feeds and activity from my linkedin and facebook contacts!
  3. Just like me, all my friends have multiple accounts (AIM, GMail, Facebook) – Here, I can merge them into one “contact”. (Yay for no duplicates!)
  4. My chat history is saved, which is pretty much a standard feature of instant messaging clients nowadays, but what I love even more is that for GChat, my chat history is saved within GMail, just as it would have been had I been using GChat itself.
  5. I can sort my buddy list in a variety of ways. I’m still playing around to find the best way to sort my buddy list… I’m torn between sorting by status (available, idle, away) and then by name OR sorting by status and then by service (GMail, AIM).

*I started writing down ALL the reasons I love Digsby but then the post got too long and boring, but EVERY DAY I discover some new little trick that makes me appreciate the program more and more.

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you to check it out. It’s really a great tool! (For those already using Digsby, I’d be interested in hearing tips and tricks you’ve learned or if you have any gripes you’d like to share…)