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Fulfilling the Role of an Older Sister

Lana's Ice Show [05.18.2003]

Helping my sister get ready for one of her first ice shows – May 18, 2003

I received a phone call from my twelve-year-old sister yesterday, which is a big deal these days. (Since phone calls are so five years ago.) She called to tell me that she had been awarded an ice skating scholarship. That, in itself, is a huge deal and I’m so proud of her.

But she didn’t just call me to tell me the news; she called to thank me for my help… When I was home in January, she was struggling to effectively express why she was worthy of the honor and I worked with her to brainstorm her ideas and to present them in a cohesive manner.

(And trust me, she was pretty miserable while we were working on the essay because I would ask her “What is your thesis? What are the three points you are trying to make? Why are they a big deal? Stick to your argument and get rid of the unnecessary tangents.”)

Regular readers of this blog are aware that I often struggle with the guilt I feel living 440 miles away from my two younger sisters so I very much cherish those moments when I truly am able to fulfill the role of the guiding and supportive older sister.