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Hello, PC. Well, hello, Mac.

Dell Latitude D410I’ve had my Dell Latitude D410 for about three years now, and it’s served me well. But, the battery doesn’t work which means I need to keep it plugged in at all times or it turns off immediately and the embedded keypad doesn’t respond correctly, so I have an external mouse. It’s loud and runs unbearable slow at times. Ultimately, for all intents and purposes, it’s no longer the  ultraportable notebook I bought in January 2006, but a loud, clumsy desktop from the 90s.

Therefore, after three years, I think it’s time to upgrade. My options are to buy another Dell or switch to Mac. I’ve always heard that Macs are the premium standard, especially for those involved in web development or design. But, I have some hesitations – my computer now is super small, and even the 13″ Macbook is bigger and heavier, I’m afraid. Also, looking ahead to the possibility of Grad School, it seems like PCs are still the requirement there. (I could argue, however, that Grad School is at least three years out, if at all, and by then, it would be time to invest in a new computer anyways.) And, to be frank, Macs are pricier than PCs.

So, I’m asking you, my friends and readers, for help. Please take the poll below and, more importantly, leave a comment on why you have chosen the computer you use and/or any advice you may have for me. If you switched from one type to the other, what was reason? Was it hard to learn a new system? How do you view Macs versus PCs?

Thanks in advance!

What kind of computer do you own?

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