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It’s Hard To Avoid Politics, Isn’t it?

A. I’ve realized I’m horrible at creating interesting titles, so they may soon all disappear.

B. I promised myself to not focus on the current political landscape, but I have no will power…

C. I have had a lot of time during these two weeks that I’m “in between jobs” (but seriously, I’m in between jobs), and that means that I’ve been fortunate/unfortunate enough to watch my fair share of news…

Today, I watched Sarah Palin introduce Senator John McCain at a rally in Iowa. It’s funny how these pre-written, completely-calculated speeches can really sway someone. When I heard her speak, I had to stop and remind myself how thoroughly I disagreed with her views, because it was easy to forget that as she spoke about her family business, her experience as a mom, etc.

BUT this article (Boston Globe, 14 Sept 2008) nicely sums up why the fate of Roe v. Wade could be decided with this election and why, all other things aside, I could never vote for a McCain/Palin ticket.