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iPhone OS 4.0 Revealed Today!

It’s always an fun day when Apple reveals the features of its newly updated Operating System (OS) for the iPhone. (Read all my iPhone-related blog posts.)

Here’s what got me excited about today’s announcement:

  1. BLUETOOTH KEYBOARDS.  In a October 2008 post, I wrote: “Only once Apple takes my advice (Ha!) and creates a iPhone-compatible keyboard will I really be able to leave my laptop behind…“. Perhaps that time has come!
  2. Multitasking! iPhone users have been waiting for this one for quite a while. Now, I can use other apps while listening to Pandora, etc.
  3. Folders to group app – which I had been doing anyway by grouping like apps in separate pages. But this will certainly save time and make it easier to navigate. Also, for app addicts, this means being able to have 2160 apps instead of the current possibility of 180.
  4. A better mail app! The ability to read by thread and to have more than one exchange account linked to a particular iPhone!

Check out the full live coverage from Gizmodo and engadget.

Julie’s “Guide to Geek Gifts 2009”: Philips DC315/37 Speaker System for iPod/iPhone with LED Clock Radio

The following post is part of Julie’s “Guide to Geek Gifts 2009“, during which she highlights 20 gifts that she’s deemed geek-worthy. Check back to see what other gadgets and tech goodies will make her list. And be sure to contact Julie or leave a comment below if you have a suggestion of your own!

Philips DC315/37 Speaker System for iPod/iPhone with LED Clock Radio (Black)

Guide to Geek Gifts 2009

Why it’s geek-worthy: iPhone/iPod compatible alarm clocks are becoming much more in demand as the geeks among us try to get a handle on nightstand chords. But after a long research period, I can tell you that while there are many choices for this type of gadget, many of them are sub par.

I recently ordered the Philips system I’m featuring today. I had been on the lookout for an iPhone compatible alarm clock and I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for as soon as I walked past the box in the store…

There were a few things that sold me on the Philips speakers in particular:

  • Dual alarms. The number one reason I have strayed from a tradition alarm clock and instead use my iPhone is the ability to set my alarm to only go off on workdays.  I love not having to worry about remembering to turn the alarm off for weekends (and back on again).
  • The design. The iPhone is integrated very nicely with the overall design of the alarm clock. Without a doubt, it’s a modern, clean and sleek look that doesn’t look cheap,
  • Gradual alarm volume. I think this is a really cool feature that makes waking up much more pleasant.  I really disliked the inability to have my iPhone play music or the radio as the alarm. With the Philips speakers, I’ll be able to do just that, and in a less jarring way at that.

For about $84 on Amazon, this Philips system is sure to be a hit with the iPhone and/or iPod carrying geek in your life!