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Dating 2.0 – When To Facebook Someone You Are Dating?

I date. I dig Social Media. And I spend a lot of time thinking about both. Because the problem is, like I always say, that in dating and in social media, it’s the blind leading the blind. Well, now, I think it’s time to pin down some answers. And that is what has inspired the latest feature of “The Misadventures of Julie”: Dating 2.0. Each week we’ll tackle a dating situation made sticky by this wired world we live in. I’ll ask for your opinion. I’ll give you mine. It’ll be fun, I promise. And maybe we’ll even set some standards along the way.

Last time we had a lively debate about whether or not it is acceptable to getting a potential date’s phone number off Facebook. This week, a digital dating dilemna straight from a Google search that led some poor soul to “The Misadventures of Julie” only to find I can’t (yet) provide an answer:

When is it appropriate to Facebook someone you are dating?

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Read on to see what I have to say:

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