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The Quest for the Perfect Cookbook

One of my resolutions for a while has been to cook at home more but I think the fact that I only know a few recipes is what is hindering my progress.

I’ve been searching for cookbook that ideally offers recipes that are easy, quick, healthy, kosher, and “for one”. I’ve come to realize that I also need a picture to accompany each recipe so that I can understand what it is I’m making and what it’s supposed to look like at the end. 🙂

After quite a deal of searching, it’s become apparently that if I am ever to fulfill my quest I certainly need to drop “kosher” and “for one” from my list of requirements. I’ll just pick out the recipes that I can eat (no mixing of meat and diary, no pork, no shellfish) and will figure out a way to reduce the recipe so that it’s appropriate to be eaten by just one person.

Two cookbooks that I’ve found that I think might fit the bill are:

The Illustrated Quick Cook:
Easy Entertaining,
After-Work Recipes,
Cheap Eats

Cooking Light
Eat Smart Guides
: 350-Calorie

Are there other cookbooks that fit my requirements of featuring easy, quick, healthy recipes with a picture to accompany each? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

PS – I took my quest to Chowhound, an online community for food-lovers and culinary connaisseurs, for their input. I’ve been given a lot of great suggestions. Check out the discussion.

summer things

the following things signify the beginning of summer:

  • trips to the Cape
  • fruit salad
  • the beach
  • outside showers
  • tuna sandwiches
  • Sam Adam’s Summer Ale

And this weekend’s trip to the Cape – the first such trip of the season – has brought them all. 🙂