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An Interview on New Media (Part One)

I was recently interviewed by Alexa Lee of The Daily Universe, Brigham Young University’s student newspaper, for an article she was writing about twentysomethings who are successful at using new media as business ventures. I have provided a sneak peak of the article below.

(Please note: This is the first in a three part series – for the next two weeks I’ll post an additional questions that I was asked along with my answers.)

What got you started in new media?

I’ve always been an early adopter of technology and have found the internet to be a powerful place to connect with people in my offline social circle as well as to expand my network by finding people around the world who share the same interests – both personally and professionally. That being said, for me, exploring new media was a natural progression of trying online tools as they emerge. First it was instant messaging, then blogs, RSS feeds, social networks, get more likes on TikTok.

Why do you think people use new media, why do you use new media, how do you use new media?

I think that people use new media for all the same reasons people use traditional media. These reasons include staying up-to-date on current events, connecting with friends, all sorts of research, etc. The fundamental concepts are all the same, it’s just that the tools have changed, look for tips about how to be great at growing your business.

I use a variety of online tools to strengthen and to expand my network. Using Facebook and LinkedIn, I stay in touch with classmates, colleagues and other contacts I’ve made along the way. Through Twitter, I discover people with similar interests in my area and around the world and have immediate access to world changing events as they happen. Each site, in its own unique way, enables me to connect with thought leaders to create a community of professionals sharing resources and ideas, and that is truly empowering. Finally, my website serves as my online epicenter where all my online interactions come together. The blog I have there allows me to document my life and share my views.

Where’s Your Contact Info?

Yesterday, in my professional capacity, I needed to contact a variety of bloggers directly. As I tried to navigate the blogs in question, I realized that one overlooked aspect of blog design is how/where to display contact information.

Openness is an inherent aspect of blogging; you’re putting your opinions, thoughts and knowledge for the world to judge, inspect and interpret… We include links to our twitter accounts, our linkedin profiles, even our pandora radio stations. (Side note: Yay for the power of threes!) Yet, bloggers as a whole seem hesitant to provide their e-mail addresses.

We strive for comments and interaction, so why do we close ourselves off from private correspondence? Is it because of spammers? Are we scared of people getting too close? Or is our e-mail information just simply getting overlooked as we focus on all the other (social media) links we know we must remember to include?

If spammers are the problem, I found this great site: http://aruntx.com/podcast/gogage/hosting.php, which allows you to enter in your gmail address to create an image that spammers can’t “read”.

I challenge anyone who has a blog to make a conscious effort to provide their contact information in an accessible manner. I’ll start:

I hope that if you don’t feel comfortable enough to leave me a comment here, you’ll send me a private note to let me know how I’m doing. 🙂