Subscribe to Friends’ Facebook Status Updates via SMS

Common questions about Facebook’s new “subscribe via SMS” feature. Scroll down to see all the answers or click on a specific question:

What is “subscribe via SMS” on Facebook?

“Subscribe via SMS” is the ability to recieve a friend’s status notifications on your mobile phone through text messages.

How can I “subscribe via SMS”?

Go to the profile page of the person whose status updates you’d like to receive by text message on your mobile phone. Under their profile picture, you will see a list of options. “Subscribe via SMS” should be one of the options. Click on “subscribe via SMS”. It’s that easy!

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How do I add “subscribe via SMS” to my Facebook account?

From what I can tell there is no way to add the “subscribe via SMS” to one’s profile. This option is “turned on” by Facebook and should simply appear. Note that you will not see this option if you’re looking at your own profile. I would recommend asking a friend to log-in and go to your profile in order to see if the “Subscribe via SMS” option is present.

Why can’t don’t I see “subscribe via SMS” on a friend’s Facebook account?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but mostly your friend has restricted your access (or perhaps everyone’s access) to their status updates.

Can I change my settings so that Facebook friends can’t “subscribe via SMS” to my updates?

At this point, anyone who is able to see your status updates can choose to subscribe to them. To change who sees your Facebook status updates, go to Facebook’s Profile Privacy page and change the “Status and Links” settings accordingly.

Can someone tell whether I’ve “subscribed via SMS” to someone’s updates?

Currently, there is no way for someone to check whether you have subscribed to their status messages.

Can I tell who has “subscribed via SMS” to my status updates?

Currently, there is no way for you to see who has subscribed to your status messages.

When I reply to a status by SMS, why does it go to that person’s inbox? Is there a way to change it?

Yes, the current functionality of replying by SMS means that the person will get your reply in their Facebook inbox. There is no way to change this setting at the present time.

What is the cost of subscribing to receive a Facebook friend’s statuses by SMS?

There is not additional cost to receive status updates by phone… You will be charged the same as receiving a regular SMS. (This is dictated by your wireless plan provider.)

Is there a way to subscribe to all my friends’ status updates?

At this time, I do not believe that there is a way to subscribe to all your friends at once — and with good reason. I would expect that this could be dangerous depending on the number of Facebook connections one has.

I have other questions about “subscribe via SMS” that you haven’t answered. Where can I learn more?

Simply leave your question in the form of a comment below and I will do my best to help you.

  • WickedCowgirl

    Since the new update this is not how to subscribe to a friends status, can you please tell me how??????????

    • CEllison0406

      Go to your account settings, Click on Mobile, It will have a “Whose status updates should go to my phone?” and under it it will let you add od delete Subcriptions.

  • Agapehealth2002

    please could you tell me how I could change how to un subscribe via sms friends or change who I want SMS with?
    please tell me the steps please or where to go?
    Thank you

    • CEllison0406

      Go to your account settings, Click on Mobile, It will have a “Whose status updates should go to my phone?” and under it it will let you add od delete Subcriptions.

  • Leopardchic361

    Why is there a 50 friend limit on subscriptions now!?!?

  • Racergurll92cr

    I haven’t turned off my “subscribe via SMS” options and neither has my little brother. So why can’t we see the option on each other’s facebook pages, or a lot of our other friends’ pages as well?

  • Courtney

    how can i get my facebook messages and pokes to send through to my mobile?

  • Victoriabee

    what happened to “Subscribe to SMS updates”? and why arent i recieveing them anymore?

  • claudia77

    what exactly can people who subscribe to you via sms view about your profile?
    like statuses only, or can they see when you post something on someone else’s wall, photos, etc. and can they see when you delete things from your own wall?

    • Julie

      Claudia, they will only receive your status updates by SMS. Hope that helps! 

      • claudia77

         oh ok thank you it did help 🙂

  • Kurlygirl5001

    How can I add an existing friend to sms if I didn’t do it when I added them?

  • Inyerarms

    My boyfriend has his privacy settings set to allow friends and friends of friends to subscribe to his status, yet i am still unable to subscribe to his status. Help Please!

  • A2

    What if I dont want to receive status updates from a person, currently I hv subscribed to? P.S I am talking about those persons, whom there is no option under their profile link, near to unfriend and report etc.

  • Guesy

    If you had someone who  got your status to there phone..
    but then you blocked them on fb will they still get your statuses?

    • A2

      @ Guesy Obviously, they wont get any update. It is as like as they dont exist on Face Book for u. But the question is , how to unsubscribe from your friend’s update without blocking and/or re-friending them.

  • Beckyfowler2011

    is there a way to block people from subscribing to my statuses on their mobile phone?

  • Dr J

    How do I unsubscribe to an SMS?

  • Malachi Sowards

    how do i delete all my subscriptions to start new?

  • holly

    how can i stop someone from subscribing to my posts via sms?

  • Varun Baghmi

    How do you unsubscribe the person whom you have subscribed for status update on phone

  • nathalie

    what if i can see status updates to my friend but i cant subscribe via sms ?

  • Sanjay Valecha

    i cant c subscribe via sms under my friends profile which used to come earlier, is there any other way i can opt to subscribe via sms to my frnds status or whatever… pls suggest…. my fb a/c sanjay.valecha… thnx n rgds,

  • sheila

    is their anyway to get my daughters statuses sent to my phone via text message?

  • ken

    This option seems to have gone away. What a bummer!

  • Filipasmpv

    After I put the subscribe buuton on my profile must my friends go to my profile and push the button to see mu posts?????

  • Carman

    If I accidentally unsubscribe to status updates via SMS from a page, it takes the option away completely.  Is there a way to go back & subscribe via SMS?

  • Dmclean2

    How can I sort my game “friends” from my friends on facebook?

  • Staci Mizell

    Is there a way to see what photo my friend comments on Via SMS without logging onto Facebook?

  • Drew

    How can i UN-SUBSCRIBE from receiving a person’s statuses?????

  • Kinneyhj

    I am subscribed to my friend thru text alerts on fb. I do not receive any texts from facebook I unsubscribed and resubscribed and still dont get them.

  • Jayakrishnan JK

    How it is possible in timeline

    • Quinn Cooke

       I’m trying to find out the same thing

  • Malger4

    I go to my account setting an go to mobile an than notifications an it don’t show me a place where I can add people or even see the people I have I have not got any messages to my phone status updates messages anything please help.

    • Malger4

      If u could email me the options i have or how to fix this

  • guest

    is this option available on timeline????

  • Tplunk2010

    I Want to subcribe to a friends status updates via SMS and he has a timeline and i cant find where to subscribe on my mobile or pc

  • ABZ

    how to UN SUBSCRIBE

  • WES

    to add sms to your profile just go to settings…and click the mobile link on the left of your screen, and there it is,,

  • Kpotratz

    i subscribed to someones’s statuses a long time ago for a friend to keep an eye on them, no i want to stop getting their statuses sent to my phone. How can a do that?

  • Ashleygriffith57

    How. Do I set up my sms. Update so I can see all my friends. Updates that come to my phone

  • Anita M Price

    I want to subscribe to my son but I don’t have a cell phone to be able to subscribe via SMS and when I go to his page he says to subscribe to him but I can’t find WHERE I am supposed to do that…..H E L P  !!!

  • Kris F. =^_^=

    How do you subscribe or unsubscribe to somebody’s status on the new Facebook? And the mobile iPhone app?

    • Zero

      I found this very helpful!!! Stupid, but it works 🙂

  • Jamiehester24

    how do you do it on a timeline though??

  • Misskayla94

    How do I unsubscribe?

  • Jemroache

    I would like to subscribe to specific facebook  friends but I dont see the subscribe button on their page, how can this be rectified.

  • Princessdiary007

    when i  subscribe someone facebook (not friend), i can see their update. can they see my update too?
    i set “only friend can see on my facebook”, so if i only want that person that i subscribe can see my update, can i do it.
    thank for answer my question.

  • ashok raj

    i want to update my status ,when click the fonts it does not appear

  • krish

    If a friend changes his profile pic, can i get a sms notification for this on my mobile just as status update.

  • Clarissa Valentine

    I’m trynna subscribe to a friend status via txt and it’s not letting me. There is no whose status updates should get sent to my phone. No box to type ppls names or a sms button on my friends page do how to I get it txted to my phone

  • Mary

    How do I add someone to my fb status via SMS?