On Friday, I think I was the only Marketing person in the office, so I kept to myself and tried to stay focused as much as possible. I was really tired at one point, poured myself a cup of coffee and work right up! I never drink coffee, so when I actually do have a cup, it’s really effective.

Anyway, this weekend has been extremely boring, even with the nightly adventures. Living at home is NOT glamorous. I spent entirely too much time in front of the television, wasting away. I really, really, miss reading, and this, coupled with my boredom, (and after having request no fewer than 15 books at the library) provided me with the perfect solution:


this isn’t actually what the book looks like, but it’s the closest thing I could find

Reasons to do so:
1. I love reading
2. I miss reading
3. I am so bored it’s painful
4. I’m going to have to read it at some point anyway
5. I think business law is interesting
6. During lunch, at work, when I’m supposed to be taking at break, I have nothing to do but surf the internet. That’s pretty much the last thing I want to be doing after staring at a computer for the previous three hours…

I don’t know how long reading the textbook will last, but I do want to read interesting, intelligent, enjoyable books this summer. Suggestions are very appreciated!

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