On Being Single

I attended a dinner party on Friday that was hosted and attended by my closest friends. But I immediately realized that it was three couples… and me. When I made a comment about being the odd one out, a friend turned to me and said, “but think, you have the possibility of having a really great first kiss with someone”. While this is theoretically true, it’s hard to appreciate that when you’re the only one without a counterpart at the table…

One of my friends was laid off from his job about a month ago, and luckily, found a new job this week. If you ask him if he enjoyed his three weeks off – and who doesn’t crave three weeks off?? – he’ll tell you that he wasn’t able to take full advantage of his “vacation” because he spent it worried about being unemployed and looking for a new job.

BUT, had he known that he would have a job within the month, he would have been able to relax and fully enjoy his time off until he began his new role.

In my opinion, it’s exactly the same thing to be single. If I knew that within five years, I would find someone with whom to share my fabulous life, the fact that I’m single now would become a non-issue.

But the truth is, there aren’t any guarantees and you don’t know what the future holds. You don’t now when – and even if – you’ll meet someone… That’s why being single can be a bit stressful and worrisome… more than those who are in relationships can appreciate.

  • http://www.candyclarkboutique.com Megan


    I believe we have had this conversation, a couple years back…in the “study room” 😉
    Jdate anyone?


  • http://www.fanfrickingtastic.wordpress.com fanfrickingtastic

    Welcome to single in the city…simultaneously the best and worst time you will ever have in DC. There are a lot, and I repeat, a LOT of douchebags in this city. However, my blog has been so much more entertaining for it. 🙂