no way to top this…

Hi all,

I’m writing to you from a McDonalds by the Opera House. One of my new friends, Whitney, and I spent three hours “seeing the sights” (trying to find a McDonalds that has free wireless internet!). T

This weekend has been completely crazy… (By the way, what I forgot to mention in my last e-mail was HOW I met Michael Stipe… we went to this bar called Highlander by the Seine, where my roommate new the bartender and it turns out that they were holding the Christian Dior after party there. REM played at the fashion show and was there for the party.)

Anyway, Thursday night we went bar hopping… first to a bar called Frog Prince where we met a huge group of frenchies who we spent the rest of the night hanging out with and then back to the Highlander. The only thing of note about Thursday is that we saw a girl fight in the metro that was so scary and crazy.

Friday night, I went to Club Mix with my roommate, Anna, and our friend, Bridget. Anna had met this guy who got us in for free and we sat in the VIP section. It was everything you’d imagine a european club to be – drugs, techno, crazy outfits, glowsticks, topless girls dancing on stage…

Last night was maybe the most fun night for me. I live right by the Bastille and there’s a fun bar area there. I went out with three people from my program, John, Jeff and Sarah. At the first bar we went to, I made friends with the bartender who asked for my number and gave me free drinks all night. When that bar closed we went to another bar and then afterwards went to cafe for some more drinking.

Funny thing about Paris is that I guess it hasn’t realized that it’s a major city – the metro closes at 12 only to re-open at 6. so you can either take a cab home or just stay out until it opens. So we tried the second method.

I have been meeting people from all over the world, and my phone number might as well be posted on a billboard because I give it to every person I meet. In the cafe, we met a Christian Lebanese guy with whom we talked drunk politics for two hours. He got my number and is taking me to dinner some time this week (if I don’t chicken out or decide he’s too old).

Classes don’t start until Febraury 13th so I’m debating whether to travel somewhere this week… we’ll see…

My battery is about to run out, but I hope everything is going well wherever you may be. Write me and keep me updated!



PS I uploaded my pics :