my theory

I love New Year’s eve. I absolutely love it. I love the excitement, the waiting, the parties, the friends, the ball dropping, the midnight kiss, “auld lang syne”… the whole thing.

When you look forward something as much as I look forward to New Year’s, it’s inevitable that you’ll build it up as much as I build up New Year’s to be.

The only problem is that oftentimes, my New Year’s reality does not live up to my New Year’s imagined. However, after several years, I’ve formulated a theory of sorts.

It’s when things go wrong on New Year’s eve that the following year is a good one as a whole. When things go well on New Year’s eve and I’m satisfied with the night, the following years turn out to be… well not the best.

If my theory holds true again this year, then I expect 2007 to be a good year, filled with many adventures, lots of laughter, great friends and unexpected turns. CHEERS!