Mr. Brady

I have been extremely lucky in my career on a personal level – I have continuously found myself surrounded by such a passionate, diverse group of people who I know wish me nothing but the best and will do whatever it takes to make sure I succeed. It’s a very powerful thing and I am truly grateful.

For my first professional position, I worked in the marketing department of a start-up and got a real taste of how exciting, vibrant, and brilliant these companies can be, as well as the people within. Many of the people who worked there have now moved onto new challenges (as have I – I last did some small contracting work in 2006, but otherwise, my time there ended Spring 2005).

However, I have been fortunate enough to stay in contact with these individuals in the form of the occasional “Whine Club” meeting, pun intended. We meet for drinks and dinner, usually at the Papa Razzi located by our former office, to discuss politics, celebrate accomplishments, and vent our frustrations.

We met this past Wednesday, since my move and new position fall under the “accomplishment” category. It was a really nice evening but a few interesting points came out in conversation that I’d like to capture here:

  • I believe that the Superbowl was rigged. We were perfect all season and then it just so happens that we lose? Something’s not right there.
  • Holly believes that Tom Brady is faking his current injury. He’s got a hot girlfriend, he just made a killing selling his Newbury Street apartment, he’s got endorsements pouring in… So why work? Why not “get injured” and enjoy the season from the sidelines? We’ve already seen proof that’s he’s not 100% committed to his job.