life’s a rollercoaster, man


So most of you are still asleep but it’s already the afternoon here in Paris. I know you are expecting to finally get a culturally-rich e-mail from me, but really that would be no fun (it’ll have to wait!).

Apparently, I had a little too much fun this weekend because Monday night I started really sick. (There’s something going around my program group – and the guy that got me sicks feels really bad). It was when I started to feel near-death on Tuesday that I decided that I needed to see a doctor. Here in France, they still make housecalls and since I could only stand for a couple minutes without fear of fainting, I decided that was the way to go. The doctor gave me my medicine, but I needed to go to the pharmacie to get it. Well, I felt so sick I couldn’t even get dressed for another for hours. Now, a day and a whole bunch of drugs later, I’m feeling much better. [Insights/Side notes/interesting facts: housecall doctors are called “SOS Medecins” and carry around a little black purse. Paris’s medical system is socially leaning, so the medicine is really cheap. Pharmacies give you the medicine right away and the pharmacists are trained like doctors – they can prescribe medecine.]

Anyway, today I’m hoping to start my Paris sight-seeing. This weekend people are going to crazy places like London, Amsterdam, and Italy, but since I plan on going later in the semester (and because I feel like it’s really expensive to do stuff last minute), I’m going to try to convince people to explore some other region of France with me.

Hopefully, next time I write, I’ll have some crazy story about getting lost in the Louvre or in the Catacombs (crazy underground tunnels where they used to bury people). I’ve realized that I need to get my hands on a guide-book so that I can actually figure out the history and details of what I’m visiting…

Stay in touch,


PS for those of you getting LCap’s e-mails, she mentioned Skype as a way to talk to people. It’s definitely the way to go. You download it and then you can talk for free through the computer (but you will need a set of headphones with a microphone – macs have the mic built in).