let’s make it official…


You will get credit for 6 of these credits with no problem at all. Probably choosing one language course and one of your electives. Choose the one that’s most interesting to YOU>

It’s a terrific turn of events for your education in general!

(French Advisor)

Hi Julie-

Here’s what the ECON advisor said: The two do not have specific UMCP equivalents for Economics, but would merit a 3xx-level ECON designation (we would allow them to fill an Economics requirement that allows a non-specific 300 level Economics course).

I spoke with BH who agreed that you could take either of the other classes for credit as your second ECON.

(Business Advisor)

Your credits at the Sorbonne will transfer. Congratulations! Have a wonderful time in Paris.

(Study Abroad Advisor)

Dear Julie,

We have received your request to change your participation from the 2006 Spring Semester (International Business) program in Paris, France to the 2006 Spring Semester (French Language & Culture) in Paris, France.

I am excited to continue to help you to plan!

AM (CEA Paris Advisor)