Let the Madness Begin!

Mid-March marks the advent of Spring, but for sports fans, it’s also a special time of the year — the NCAA tournament takes place, which effectively crowns the best college basketball team in the country. The days between Selection Sunday (when the 65 teams who will be vying for the title are announced) and when the first round of games begin are a sacred time as March Madness veterans and novices alike do their best to predict the outcome of each game. Brackets are filled out (and crossed out and filled out agian) and bets are placed.

Today, someone mentioned that he had heard that I was intense in my bracket preparation.

Here’s the thing, folks: I approach my bracket the way I do pretty much life as a whole – if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it right.

In this case, I like to do my research (everyone has their own strategy, but of course I look at things like a team’s strength of schedule, overall record, experience, offensive and defensive ability, etc.). I will NEVER be a person who can blindly choose a team to win based solely on a gut feeling. I like to know that I came to my decision through some sort of method.

This is the third year I’ve filled out a bracket (and, yes, I am a purist – I do only fill out one that I use in all the different pools I’m a part of). Not only have I picked the winner the past two years, but I actually won my company’s pool. And, you know, it felt pretty amazing to have gained the respect of colleagues, friends, and basketball aficianados.

I think that’s why I take the whole thing so seriously: I like that my knowledge of basketball is validated through the success of my bracket.

As someone who really knows and gets me put it: “You’re a junky for whatever you focus on – it’s part of your charm.” 

Anyway, everything I’ve said can pretty much be invalidated in the next few hours, so I’ll end with this: GO TERPS!