Julie’s “Guide to Geek Gifts 2009”: Philips DC315/37 Speaker System for iPod/iPhone with LED Clock Radio

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Philips DC315/37 Speaker System for iPod/iPhone with LED Clock Radio (Black)

Guide to Geek Gifts 2009

Why it’s geek-worthy: iPhone/iPod compatible alarm clocks are becoming much more in demand as the geeks among us try to get a handle on nightstand chords. But after a long research period, I can tell you that while there are many choices for this type of gadget, many of them are sub par.

I recently ordered the Philips system I’m featuring today. I had been on the lookout for an iPhone compatible alarm clock and I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for as soon as I walked past the box in the store…

There were a few things that sold me on the Philips speakers in particular:

  • Dual alarms. The number one reason I have strayed from a tradition alarm clock and instead use my iPhone is the ability to set my alarm to only go off on workdays.  I love not having to worry about remembering to turn the alarm off for weekends (and back on again).
  • The design. The iPhone is integrated very nicely with the overall design of the alarm clock. Without a doubt, it’s a modern, clean and sleek look that doesn’t look cheap,
  • Gradual alarm volume. I think this is a really cool feature that makes waking up much more pleasant.  I really disliked the inability to have my iPhone play music or the radio as the alarm. With the Philips speakers, I’ll be able to do just that, and in a less jarring way at that.

For about $84 on Amazon, this Philips system is sure to be a hit with the iPhone and/or iPod carrying geek in your life!

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