Julie’s “Guide to Geek Gifts 2009″: Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card

The following post is part of Julie’s “Guide to Geek Gifts 2009“, during which she highlights 20 gifts that she’s deemed geek-worthy. Check back to see what other gadgets and tech goodies will make her list. And be sure to contact Julie or leave a comment below if you have a suggestion of your own!

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card

Guide to Geek Gifts 2009

Why it’s geek-worthy: One of the things I love most about my smartphone is the ability to share my life through pictures no matter where I am. For this reason, I find more and more that I’m inclined to pull out my phone rather than my camera to snap a picture. But as we all know, the picture quality on a phone camera leaves a lot to be desired at this point.

Enter the Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card to solve that problem! The card fits into the SD slot found on most cameras and stores media (audio and video) as your memory card does now. What makes the Eye-Fi card different (and priceless) is that it as built-in Wi-Fi so that you can upload pictures and vidoes to sites like Facebook, Flickr and YouTube through a variety of wireless networks that you designate during set-up and through a variety of hotspots provided by Eye-Fi.

There are four different types of memory cards available (offering a variety of functions at different price levels) but I recommend the 4GB “Explore Video” Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card pictured above which allows to upload both photos and video and gives you one year free of uploads through Eye-Fi’s designated hotspots – a function which has a $15 yearly fee. The card is valued at $99, but through Amazon, Eye-Fi is selling it for $79!

(Two gripes/wishlist items to note: I think Eye-Fi needs to add the number of services to which one can upload media and to improve how uploads are handled – I would love to be able to search – for free – for nearby wi-fi networks and upload videos and photos that way.)

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