job not taken

Last week, I received a phone call for a recruiter for a company in Framingham, Massachusetts. She told about the job and mentioned that although at first this was an unpaid position, she was working with the company to be able to provide some sort of compensation. She had found my resume on and thought that I “was a good fit for this positon” (I think that’s pretty much the standard line recruiters use). She asked me if I was still with the company I listed on my resume, and I replied that I won’t be this summer- which is basically the truth. The recuiter then told me that she knew that I was pretty far away from the company (I’d say 45 minutes), but that she was wondering if I was interested. She then kept talking about how far away it was. I told her that I’d appreciate it if she could send over a job description (Since I had no idea what the job was like) and I would get in touch with her.

Advice for the recruiter: If you are trying to sell me on this job, don’t tell me that it used to be unpaid, but you’re working on something- say that it’s paid. Don’t repeatedly remind me that the job is far away, instead at least try to make it seem like the commute won’t be so bad. Also, at least tell me something about the position, so I know what I’m getting myself into.

Honestly, I had already accepted a position elsewhere, and I don’t think this job has enough advantages to outweigh the other one, pretty much because they are offering the same pay, but the commute will be 40 mintues longer. I should probably call/e-mail her back and let her know I’m not interested.

  • evie

    i had a similar experience. recruiters these days forget that they’re company salespersons as well!

    hope the new job is working out well :o)

  • Julie

    Thanks for your comment. 🙂 I start Thursday!