it’s magic

Just like David Copperfield, I can do something magic, too. Specifically that of disappearing and reappearing.

I really don’t remember why I stopped posting during the summer. I can imagine I got burnt out. I was working almost 40 hours a week, going out almost every night and probably fighting with my mother constantly.

At the end of August, I returned to school for my fall semester as a junior. I took a variety of classes – Introduction to French Literature, Business Writing, International Economics, Business Law – and only one that had anything to do with Marketing: Consumer Analysis.

Now consumer analysis is, understandably, very important to those in the Marketing field. I wrote a analyzing the commercials during Apprentice, I wrote a paper analyzing generational values, I wrote a paper analyzing different ad campaigns and their marketing approach… (See where the analysis comes in?) But really, did I learn anything worthwhile that I’ll be able to apply to the real world? It’s doubtful. Not that I’m complaining or anything… I got an A in the class.

Well, now I’m back home. I’ve been doing projects for three different start-ups; all are places where I’ve been previously employeed. I working mostly for the company I worked for this summer, plus doing small things for the two others on the side… and I’ve got lots of interesting stories to share!

More to come…

  • Mitch

    interesting little blog ya have here! marketings a good subject hehe.

  • Anonymous

    haha your life is so meaningless…