interning in dc

A visitor ( directed me to this article, commenting “Unless you want old guys hitting on you all the time you don’t want to be any kind of intern in Washington DC.” I had three initial reactions:

1. Old guys hitting on young interns? I wish they would just GROW UP, but I think the Monica Lewinsky syndrome happens pretty much anywhere. At my internship, I was never inappropriately approached, but there were a few (rare and hopefully innocent) comments that made me go “hmmm…”

2. The only person I know who is actually any type of political/governmental intern in Washington, DC is a guy who is spending the summer working with Barack Obama. Hopefully, he won’t have any trouble. 😉

3. At this point (of being home two days) I think that I might rather deal with fifty-year-old men hitting on me than having to deal with my mother for the next three months.