ice, ice baby

The only thing that I could concentrate on today was how bitter cold it was outside and in the office.

kind of like this

Now, I understand that the “management” or whoever decided the office temperature, doesn’t want the employees to be dying of heat during the summer when it’s ninety degrees outside. BUT: Today, it couldn’t have reached more than fifty-five degrees, so heat might have been more appropriate. And even when it is hot outside, there’s a difference between making the office a comfortable temperature, say seventy, and making the office freezing! I literally had to put on a sweatshirt today, with my sorority letters on it no less (completely unprofessional) and my teeth were still chattering away. My boss has a portable heater she has in her cubicle; maybe I should consider investing.

  • R. U. Serious

    If you really want to do something about the cold, start small fires. It will warm you up and I am sure the bosses will notice.

    Hey, freaks need love too!

    Damned If I Know

  • Anonymous

    Excellent, love it! »