Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

So, I guess everyone has been waiting impatiently for an update. Today was… long. I stayed up really late last night because i was so excited about my Girl Scout project (http://bringinthemusic.tripod.com/) and wanted to get things done for it so i went to bed at 3. Wednesdays are always extremely long on their own because first school, then practice, then temple… So anyway, Danny called me around 7 and offered to pick me up. I know nothing about cars (he loves htem) and the only way i recognize his is cause he has these cool purple lights on the bottom of his truck. So anyway, I get it, and lying there on the seat… a bouquet of red roses!!!!!! I was really happy, but i played it off well.. so then we drove to Fiske and an hour later drove home, and while we were parked in my driveway, my mom calls and orders me into the house even though she knows that i’m basically home already. But she was really happy for me too.. although in a nostalgic way. so the roses are in my room, but i think she picked a bad vase- although, how should i know?