From desktops to laptops… to phones?

When Will Apple Catch Up?

When Will Apple Catch Up?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about whether smartphones will soon be replacing laptops for those on the go – and eventually, overall.

My personal computer is unbearably slow so I rely heavily on my iPhone to get me through my evenings, but I think one key thing that is missing is a compatible full keyboard.

The MacAlly BTKey mini, a wireless keyboard first seen at the MacWorld Expo, was supposed to be released in March 2008, but obviously, that date has come and gone. There are many reasons why a Bluetooth keyboard hasn’t been released, but if you believe that they eventually will be put into production, you can pre-order one here.

But how about a full keyboard that can fold up and be plugged into the iPhone, similar to the ones that exist for the  Blackberry? I think this is an untapped marked with a huge potential! Think of all the add-on sales!

Only once Apple takes my advice (Ha!) and creates a iPhone-compatible keyboard will I really be able to leave my laptop behind…

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    That would be a good idea. I remember years ago when I had a portable keyboard for my Palm. Worked like a less powerful laptop.