5 iPhone Apps That Rocked My World

If you’re an iPhone owner and I’ve seen you recently, you’ve most likely already heard about my two new favorite applications. I figured it’s about time to spread the love to the rest of the world… So, without further ado, here are two iPhone applications that have rocked my world recently:

1.  Movies by Flixter – With this application, you can check to see all movies that are currently out in theaters, find nearby theaters with address and phone information, find upcoming showtimes (by movie or by theater), see upcoming movie releases or recent DVD releases, get to review sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB with just one click…

In the words of George Gershwin:  Who could ask for anything more? (Interestingly enough, this application was created by a Jeffrey Grossman, a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University, and it became the first acquired iPhone app when Flixter bought it in August 2008. Read the full story here.)

2. Fring – Fring brings instant messaging to the iPhone – which isn’t that impressive since other applications can do that as well – and do it better, I might add. The IM Plus application allows the user to sign onto MULTIPLE instances of different Instant Messaging platforms like Google Chat and AIM.

But what sets Fring apart is that it enables you to use Skype from your phone and have it count as a (free) computer-to-computer call. This means that Micki in Israel will be getting to hear my voice a lot more frequently now.  Is your best friend studying abroad this semester? Have family overseas? All I’m saying is, you can thank me later.

Back in October,  I made a list of my favorite iPhone applications. I’d like to call out my favorite three that aren’t newly discovered (and therefore don’t qualify for the preceding list) but are now tried-and-true staples that deserve mention just the same.

3. Sportacular. Pro: Allows you to get updated scores for a variety of sports. You can even set it up to see all your favorite teams in one view. Con: Means that I know right away when my Red Sox and Pats aren’t doing so well. Ignorance is bliss sometimes, my friends.

4. Shazam. Pro: Hear a song on the radio, at the gym, during a night out, etc, and don’t know what it is? Shazam will tell you the title/artist and save it for you to view/listen to later. Con: Sometimes it does get stumped. (For example, it didn’t recognize Christina Arguilera’s “Keeps Getting Better”)

5. Twitterfon. Pro: Allows me to update my twitter status from my phone and shows my friends’ statuses. UPDATE: Allows me to see top trending twitter terms, locates nearby users and makes it super easy to reply, retweet and load others’ timelines. Perfection. Con: I’m not convinced that it provides any additional functionality that twitter.com is lacking. Sometimes, my friends remind me that I MUST put my phone away when I’m with others.

So, there’s my five. Now, what have I missed? What’s the iPhone application you just couldn’t live without?

  • David

    I think Pandora was on your list before. Just like it’s online brethren, the iPhone version is great. It’s an awesome way to put on some background music without having to fret about the perfect playlist.

    Not free, and kind of pricey as apps go, but I love the Solitaire City app. It’s perfect for when you have a little time to spare and you’ve already checked your gmails, facebook, twitter, etc. It shows how you’re scoring against others in the world and keeps a running tally of your high scores.

    Backgrounds is another favorite. The concept is pretty straightforward – an easy way to browse images that are perfectly sized for your iPhone wallpaper. I’m currently rocking the “smashed iPhone” look, which I still think is fun. They have a variet of categories – some definitely better than others…

  • Jeff

    My most valuable app is AroundMe. It knows where you are via GPS, and locates the nearest bar, gas station, hospital, ATM, etc. I use it all of the time, and it’s free!

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