evaluation and approval

My major academic advisor, Lisa, and I met last week to figure out what classes I needed to take abroad in order to still graduate on time. I have 13 classes left. I take 5 per semester, and I would have two more semesters left at Maryland when I got back.

13 – 2(5) = 3

I need to take three classes abroad that count towards something.

For a while I had been thinking about going to Grenoble (it’s not Paris and we have a partner Business school there). But I would be taking one french class and five business class, and they would probably be challenging classes. First of all, I think it’s stupid to go abroad and take all business classes AND I don’t want to spend my time abroad just studying…

Here’s what my advisor figure out… I would find a program where I would get credit for

  • 2 french classes (to finish my french minor)
  • 1 upper level econ elective (since unless I go to Grenoble, nothing I take abroad can count towards my major)

I was very excited since I knew I could do that with one of the Paris programs… until I met with my french advisor, Madame C.

One of the two french classes offered is taught in English so I can’t count towards my minor. I needed to find another class that would give me credits I needed!

They say everything happens for a reason, and that everything works out in the end. Well, I had been putting off my Non-Lab Science Course that I need for CORE (General Education classes that everyone is reguired to complete at the University of Maryland). The Paris program offers an Environmental Science course.

What makes everything so complicated is that after I’ve chosen where I want to go, and decided which program to go on, I still have to make sure that the courses I take are approved by each department.

The Econ department needs to evaluate and approve the Econ course. The French department needs to evaluate and approve the French course. The Geology department has to evaluate and approve the Science course. And the Business School has to evaluate and approve any business electives I want to take abroad. You get the idea…

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