Good to hear about your new e-mail – no more disappearing e-mails! 🙂

A quick update on me: School is going well, but I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m taking an extra class which I didn’t believe would make a difference, but I guess it does. On the other hand, the classes I’m taking I feel actually relate to what I’ll be doing the rest of my life… The coolest thing I’ve had to do was write an opportunity analysis for a movie theatre country telling them, based on a number of factors, which country they should enter into to expand their company. Sounds a little dorky, but it was so much and my group got the second best grade in the class!

Also, I don’t remember if I had told you but my sorority asked me to be Vice President again. Although I’ve already done it once before, I think that the person who I was a year ago isn’t the person that I am now… As an older sister, I know how things work and can offer my input. It feels like a 24/7 job!

Boys, boys, boys… I need to find some cajones and start dating. I’ve come to realize that the whole thing scares me, especially in Maryland, where I don’t have a car – what if it’s really bad and I can’t leave! On the one hand, I just want to have fun this year and not worry about guys, but on the other hand, I know I’m never again going to be surrounded by like 5,000 guys my age!

On the work front – I went into Imprivata yesterday (I’m home for the weekend) for their company meeting. It was really great to see everyone. I had so much fun chatting it up with them. And that brings me to the big dilemna in my life, which I know I shouldn’t be worrying about quite yet, but it’s what I do best! I don’t know whether to move back to Boston or stay in Maryland. There are definitely things pulling me to both places and I can’t wait to see how it will all play out in 8 months.

Okay, okay.. so this wasn’t such a quick update- but you know I’m a big talker. I want to hear what’s happening with YOU!! School, boy, work, etc. 🙂

Keep in touch,