Day 92: A Tylenol Taxi Ride

The Tylenol TaxWhen I meet people, I tell them that I’ve been on a strict social schedule since moving to the District, but not everything can be glamorous. As such, I spent the better part of yesterday, my 92nd day here in DC (3 months exactly since I flew down), pretty uneventfully… namely, shopping.

But getting there was quite an adventure in itself and reflects my time here: You never know where, when, how, and/or with whom you’ll find yourself in absurd circumstances which later become a great story to tell.

A friend and I had designated the day for some much needed shopping, but she needed to stop by CVS first. We were leaving the store when we were ambushed by people in Tylenol gear and before we knew what was happening, we were sitting in a Tylenol-branded taxi on our way to our destination.

Little did these Tylenol brand ambassadors (as they were called by the taxi driver) know that they had stumbled upon one of DC’s most active marketing bloggers!

“Coming down with a cold? Warm up with a free ride” was written on the side of the taxi and my friend and I each received a booklet and a coupon for the new Warming Liquid.

The booklet reads:

Catch a warm ride home. It’s better than catching a cold.

It’s starting to get chilly out. And you know what that means. Cold season. So how about it, hop in. It’s on us.

A cozy ride. A steamy shower. A warm blanket. When you have a cold, a little warmth can comfort. New TYLENOL(R) Warming Liquids relieve your painful cold symptoms and give you a gentle, warming sensation. So not only do you feel warmer, you feel better. All over.

From what the driver told us, this campaign has been going on in cities all over the East Coast. The taxi can only pick up people from CVS (I assume they are a partner in the campaign) and the Tylenol brand ambassadors have to be the ones to usher the passengers into the car.

What I found surprising was that 1. we were the ones to bring up the Tylenol Warming Liquid, 2. the driver had never tried it and couldn’t give us some positive feedback…

I don’t know if/how this campaign will translate into sales for the company, but it’s certainly an example of how marketeers can think outside the box, raising brand awareness and leveraging viral marketing, all within a cohesive campaign. Overall, this was a unique, memorable experience for me – one that will have me remembering the product and talking to others about what happened.

Nicely done on this one, Tylenol!