Day 7: Politics and the Internet

It seems silly that I’m writing about Chipotle when there are, without question, more interesting things going on around me.

I attended a blog launch at the National Press Club yesterday (cool enough on its own!) and while the rest of the country is talking about Paulson’s proposed bailout plan (is there ANYONE out there that supports it?), I’m living it. The plan is, of course, subject of much discussion in the area and getting to the NPC yesterday was nightmarish due to the heightened security in the area. Annoying for the drivers, fantastically fascinating for me! It’s all being decided RIGHT HERE!

Speaking of politics and the internet: Twitter has created a feed for people to post their election feedback.

“We’re filtering hundreds of Twitter updates per minute to create a new source for gathering public opinion about the presidential election and a new way for you to share your thoughts.”

So many people are posting that it’s just a continuous scrolling page. It’s pretty cool to see everyone’s opinions. I don’t know how skewed it is based on the participants (Are people who are into Twitter more likely to vote for one candidate over the other?) , but I do see a consensus of opinions. Check it out here:

Speaking of politics on the internet: Yesterday’s facebook blog post described the company’s new initiative to help register young voters. Those who are eligible to vote can now register to vote at Using facebook for good ROCKS!