Day 6: getting to know the city

It takes me precisely thirteen minutes to get to work from my apartment, door-to-door. And while, in the mornings I see nothing around me as I scurry to work, in the evenings, I take my time, allowing myself to take it all in.

It’s funny how one begins to learn the city… On Tuesday, I noticed a CVS, on Wednesday, a post office (both useful, no?), but it was on my first walk to work that I noticed the… Chipotle.

A not just a Chipotle, a pretty cool looking one, at that (see picture). As a Chipotle fanatic, this discovery has been a very dangerous one…

I had my first DC Chipotle burrito last night as I, starved, searched for any kind of nourishment to silence my rumbling stomach coming home from work.

And I’m sure it won’t be the last…

(A DISAPPOINTING) UPDATE: I have yet to found a Starbucks on my route.