Day 5

Today is day five of my new life in here in The District.

A few notes on my experience so far:

– Cabs are super expensive here. In Boston, cab fares are determined by the distance traveled (as well as the time spent in the cab), regardless of how many people are in the car. In DC, the meter starts pretty high anyway ($4.00 compared to Boston’s $2.00-ish?), but there’s also a surcharge per additional rider. We took cabs into Georgetown Saturday night and it was $8 just to get in!

– First day on the job I’m told that I’ll be learning how to use WordPress, Drupal, Convio (and Get Active), and Kintera content management systems as well as Google Adwords and Facebook Business Solutions. For a web technology freak like me, there’s nothing better!

– Last night, I had my first “city food shopping” experience. We didn’t bring a cart and so I literally could only buy what I could carry back. Andrea was pretty surprised that the Diet Coke cans made the cut, but hey, they’re a necessity!