Day 25: Weekend Offstreet Overnight Parking in Dupont? Yeah Right!

My parents drove down from Boston this past weekend (Columbus Day weekend) to help move me in to my new apartment. (I spent an absurd amount of money of furniture / electronics / food, but that’s a story for another day…)

My mother recently purchased a CR-V and, thus, was reluctant about parking it on the street, although I assured her that there would be street parking available.

So, it was my job to do find an overnight parking garage. I tried everything – checking out the trip advisor forum, turning to my fellow yelpers for help, and rummaging through random google results… (zgenerale’s post on brought me close by directing me to a DC Parking Locator). Unfortunately, every garage that I found was closed on the weekends. This again reassured me that there must be enough street parking to accommadate everyone, since otherwise, the garages would stay open all week. I even went so far as to post an ad on craiglist and hang a flyer in my building. All to no avail…

Finally, my mother had a stroke of genius and decided to contact the hotels in the area. It turns out that you can park in their parking lot without being a guest. So, the following are today’s W.O.W (words of wisdom): If you’re heading to an area where overnight parking seems to be non-existent and you’re against street parking, check the local hotels to see if they offer parking. 🙂

My parents ended up parking on the street all weekend without any huge problems (although my mother almost got run over, shown the finger, and told to go back to her country as she held a spot for a few minutes…)