Day 0 (to become Day 1 when I land)

In less than two hours, I’ll be on my way to the airport to begin my new life: new city, new job, new apartment, new mode of transportation, new day-to-day social circle, you get the idea…

When I’ve told me people about this move, the first question always asked is whether I’m excited. Now clearly, this is a positive move that I think will change my life for the better (no one sets out to make his/her life worse, do they?).

BUT I feel like I’m crazy to be walking away from everything I have now. It’s a blessing and a curse (don’t you hate when people say that?) that I realize how fortunate I am.

Here’s from what I’m walking away:

  • My family. My family was a big reason of why I moved back to this area after I graduated. I wanted to improve my relationships with my two sisters, aged 12 and 5. And I think that’s one thing that I have definitely accomplished over this last year and a third. My family, as crazy as it is, has been there to support me and that’s something that I’ll definitely miss.
  • My job. There’s three things here of note: the job itself, the company, and my coworkers. I love what I do, I love the people I work with, and I, for better or worse, consider my coworkers to be some of my best friends.
  • My apartment/car. Okay, clearly things that can be replaced, but both were awesome.
  • Living with my best friend. Deciding to live with a friend can be scary and has been known to lead to a failed friendship… I would say that although Lesley and I have had bumps in the road, overall, our friendship is stronger than ever.

I know I’ve talked about this ad nauseum (sp?) but I do really hope this will all work out because I feel crazy to have given up a great apartment, a good job with fun coworkers, living with my best friend, and having my family close by.