Dating 2.0 – Dating Someone without a Facebook Account

I date. I dig Social Media. And I spend a lot of time thinking about both. Because the problem is, like I always say, that in dating and in social media, it’s the blind leading the blind. Well, now, I think it’s time to pin down some answers. And that is what has inspired “Dating 2.0″ category on this blog, which after a long hiatus IS BACK. In each post, we tackle dating situations made sticky by this wired world we live in. I ask for your opinion. I give you mine. It’s fun, I promise. And maybe we’ll even set some standards along the way, have a look at these marketing trends for TikTok.

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Today’s digital dating dilemma stems from my own personal experience: I recently dated someone who on our first date revealed that he did not have a Facebook account. I wondered immediately if an unreformed social media specialist and a social media atheist could be compatible together. (A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they live?)

As pointed out in the recent Bank Of America Merrill Lynch (BofA) report on the way Americans are using Facebook and other social servicesFacebook is used by almost all Americans at this point. 96% of the people surveyed say they use Facebook and the other four percent probably hold out for a variety of reasons, with the one I’ve heard cited the most is privacy concerns. And so, it’s unlikely that that they’re eager to jump onto the site even if asked.

But our online identities have very much become an extension of our offline lines, and just like we want a partner in life who shares our experiences, doesn’t the same hold true on Facebook? So, I pose the question to you:

Would you date someone who did not have a Facebook account?

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  • wha

    what do you mean they dont have a fb account???????????

    hows that possible!!!!!!!!!!

    is it legal not to be on fb???

  • Tim Cornell

    Interesting artical you have here. I stumbled upon it as I was searching the internet for a single woman in this country who does NOT have a facebook account. …It’s been disappointing to say the least. Finding a compatible partner in todays world is easy enough I suppose, but when you make facebook a deal breaker, it changes things drastically. I don’t get it. When women ask me why I’m so firm on my choice not to date women who have a facebook account, I tell them that I see fb as a tool to cause problems in a relationship…and it is. I have zero interst in dating a woman who has pictures of her exes plastered on her profile….really ladies? Not to mention it’s the easiest way for any man to contact a woman from his past to try and spark something up again…and I know they do. If I was given a dollar for everytime I’ve heard a female say, “I just use facebook to keep in contact with family and friends”…I’d have a nice stack of bills. My gender means I’m wired to be somewhat suspicious as it is. But regardless, I’d rather have some piece of mind and wait it out for an anti-facebook hottie to come my way ;).