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The Quest for the Perfect Cookbook

One of my resolutions for a while has been to cook at home more but I think the fact that I only know a few recipes is what is hindering my progress.

I’ve been searching for cookbook that ideally offers recipes that are easy, quick, healthy, kosher, and “for one”. I’ve come to realize that I also need a picture to accompany each recipe so that I can understand what it is I’m making and what it’s supposed to look like at the end. 🙂

After quite a deal of searching, it’s become apparently that if I am ever to fulfill my quest I certainly need to drop “kosher” and “for one” from my list of requirements. I’ll just pick out the recipes that I can eat (no mixing of meat and diary, no pork, no shellfish) and will figure out a way to reduce the recipe so that it’s appropriate to be eaten by just one person.

Two cookbooks that I’ve found that I think might fit the bill are:

The Illustrated Quick Cook:
Easy Entertaining,
After-Work Recipes,
Cheap Eats

Cooking Light
Eat Smart Guides
: 350-Calorie

Are there other cookbooks that fit my requirements of featuring easy, quick, healthy recipes with a picture to accompany each? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

PS – I took my quest to Chowhound, an online community for food-lovers and culinary connaisseurs, for their input. I’ve been given a lot of great suggestions. Check out the discussion.

Day 94: Good Stuff, Happy Hour & Scavo Twins

I chuckle (yes, chuckle) when I think about how aptly I’ve named this blog. And tonight was the perfect example.

First, I had dinner at Good Stuff Eatery, which was opened this past July by Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef fame. I got the Farmhouse Burger and it was delicious. Spike was working and brought the orders out to us. (I was able to snap this picture from the upstairs seating.)

Next, it was off to GesherCity’s annual Hanukkah Happy Hour on the Hill (try saying that three times fast).

The DCist puts it well:

If there’s one night to circle for every young Jewish professional in D.C., it very well may be the night Gesher City hosts their annual Hanukkah Happy Hour on the Hill. Every young Jew you’ve ever met or will meet will likely be packed somewhere within the three floors of the Pour House tonight. It’s the perfect place to bump into that cute girl you met at Shabbat services a few weeks back or avoid your ex-boyfriend like the plague. Why not both? The HHHH is co-sponsored by a laundry list of young Jewish organizations.

I was told the event was too crowded last year but decided to go and check it out. For the most part, it was an awkward mess (these types of happy hours always are), but I felt like a rebel being out on a Monday!

Afterwards, we hopped on the Metro and as we were waiting I turned to see Porter and Preston Scavo walking down the steps! Charles and Max Carver with Julie MinevichYes, that’s right you Desperate Housewives fans, the Scavo twins are in DC. We ended up boarding the same train as them and I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t welcome them to the city and, you know, snap a quick pic.

Charles and Max Carver were extremely nice and obliged. They are in DC visiting their father (who was with them) and said that they haven’t been recognized that much yet. I told them how I spent my Sunday nights with them and that I was excited about all the twists and turns of season five.

Meeting them was a good reminder why one should always make an effort to:

1. Carry a camera.
2. Look somewhat presentable.

We all got off at Dupont Circle and went our separate ways. And with that tonight’s misadventures came to a close.

Day 6: getting to know the city

It takes me precisely thirteen minutes to get to work from my apartment, door-to-door. And while, in the mornings I see nothing around me as I scurry to work, in the evenings, I take my time, allowing myself to take it all in.

It’s funny how one begins to learn the city… On Tuesday, I noticed a CVS, on Wednesday, a post office (both useful, no?), but it was on my first walk to work that I noticed the… Chipotle.

A not just a Chipotle, a pretty cool looking one, at that (see picture). As a Chipotle fanatic, this discovery has been a very dangerous one…

I had my first DC Chipotle burrito last night as I, starved, searched for any kind of nourishment to silence my rumbling stomach coming home from work.

And I’m sure it won’t be the last…

(A DISAPPOINTING) UPDATE: I have yet to found a Starbucks on my route.