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Julie in DC: Part II


I have some exciting news to share — I am about to embark on what I’ve been affectionately referring to as “Julie in DC: Part II”.

This week, I am leaving Amplify Public Affairs and will soon be joining RADIUS, a corporate travel management company (TMC) serving multinational corporations with regional or global travel consolidation needs, as their Online Marketing Manager. I have learned a lot during my time at Amplify but am now looking forward to tackling this new challenge of developing and implementing a complete online marketing strategy for RADIUS.

My last day as Social Media Strategist at Amplify Public Affairs will be Thursday, April 15th and, after a quick break to cruise around the Mexican Riviera with my mother and sisters, I will begin my new role as Online Marketing Manager at RADIUS on Wednesday, April 28th

Additionally, this past weekend, I moved into the apartment of one of my closest friends from college, Mindy. I feel fortunate to be able to share my home with a friend and we have already had a lot of fun decorating and making plans for future hostessing opportunities.

If you’d like to receive my new professional and personal contact information, just send me a quick note. I will be making the appropriate edits online in the coming weeks.



Office Euphemisms

Ever since I started working in a corporate environment (has it really been six years?!) I’ve been amused by the official sounding terms working professionals use to denote different workplace staples like doing things last minute and sneaking away from the office. I’ve listed three business terms that are some of my favorites as well as what they really mean.

Immediate Action Item

  • A forgotten tasks that needs to be done immediately to cover everyone’s behinds

Off-site meeting

  • An excuse to get out of the office, usually under the pretense of an important meeting.

To Run Something Up The Flagpole

  • The person saying this admits she/he does not have the authority to approve the request and needs to ask a superior with more power.

To Take a Conversation Offline

  • To discuss something in private one-on-one rather than in front of a group. This phrase is usually invoked when someone is uncomfortable but it is usually done under the pretense of not wanting to waste others’ time.

What are some of your favorite office euphemisms?