boss confusion

Just like the newborn bird in “Are You My Mother?”, I, too, am unsure of the chain of command. Let me explain… In the marketing department we have:

VP of Marketing
Director of Marketing
Marketing Coordinator

Now I know that both the Director of Marketing and Marketing Coordinator report to the VP of Marketing, and I think that the Marketing Coordinator reports to the Director of Marketing, but I’m not sure. I know that I report to the Director of Marketing, my “boss”(?), and that I work with both the Marketing Coordinator and the Director of Marketing, (and I’ve been working more closely with the Marketing Coordinator than the Director of Marketing), but I’m not sure if the Marketing Coordinator is actually considered my boss or not.

Try saying that three times fast! Props to you if you actually followed that confusing explanation.

  • gigotti

    Let me see if I got this, the VP is the head cheese and your boss is………nope got lost somewhere. Maybe you got two bosses which makes your job that much harder. I guess I will stay away from Marketing for a career then…

  • francois

    Hah – you really think that this type of nonsense only happens in marketing?

    It is truly amazing to me to realize that many tiny companies have more levels than GM (=5).

    BTW – I am truly enjoying your writings! Keep up the good work! (and thanks for the link – I am flattered)