Hi all,

Today is my second day in Paris! Orientation is about to start so this is going to be quick and not so funny. I don’t have internet though, and I haven’t been able to bum it off my neighbors (and that’s DEFINITELY not funny). My roommate is crazy in a good way, as soon as I got in, she started talking about how much fun she had last weekend going out until 7am! Obviously, last night she dragged me out (well, not dragged, but I was a little jetlagged). We went to a couple bars and some girls she had met. One of them was really really cool so hopefully we’ll become friends (i’m a loser). Another one is from Penn State and the last one is from Orange County and is friends with Laguna Beach people. Crazy. Anyway, we met the lead singer of REM last night and had a lot of fun. Gotta run. Stay in touch!!!


ps no cell phone yet
ps miss you all!