It’s funny, because, typically, at these start-up companies, most of the employees are male. In my last company maybe 20% were women and at this one, I’d say it’s about the same. Which is good when you’re running to the loo, but bad when you need some advice. Today, a gentleman invited me out to dinner and I was uncertain whether to go to or not. I quietly said something to my coworker in the next cube, and all of a sudden I hear three heads peer out from different cubicles asking me questions. I really don’t think I can describe it well, but just to see them perk up all at once and ask a billion questions… I was laughing so hard. Funny how boys will bring the women together, eh? The five of us who were in the same area bonded for a bit and then returned to our individual desks. The consesus was that I should go.

  • EuroYank

    you sure are a sweet thing. and you have a great way with words. enjoy your blog!

  • Cristie

    Hi, found your blog thru Blog Explosion, nice site, and about your little sister, I have a 2 yr old son, 2 year olds are almost like a different species!! But how special that age is! Enjoy her!