Redoing My Bedroom… And My Blog

The people who know me best will tell you that sometimes I’m 1. too much of a perfectionist, 2. concentrate too much on the really small things. And while I am trying to learn to just let it go, I do think that these personality work in my favor at times…

I’ve been wanted to start blogging again for a while, but crazy as it sounds, I wanted to find the perfect blog look/feel before I ventured back into this world of online amateur journalism/journaling.

I would equate it to the making of one’s bed. A room can be in complete disarray, but one of my roommates, Sarah, pointed out, it looks a whole lot better once the bed is made, so that’s where you should start.

Anyway, props to:, which is a website filled with blogger template options and where I found the clean, crisp, calm one you see here.

Now that I’ve “made my bed”, it makes me want to jump right in!

PS. On a somewhat related note, I’m redoing my bedroom. I’ve realized that while red/black/white is a really sleek and modern color scheme, it probably belongs in a living room or kitchen more than a bedroom, which should be soothing and calming. So I’m looking into colors like green, blue, lilac… I’ve been searching for the perfect bed linens without success. Hopefully I’ll find something that fits my needs, and is clean, crisp, and calm. Just like this blog.