An recent article from the Wall Street Journal I stumbled across today, New Grads Are Impatient for Promotions, reflects one of my frustrations with the corporate world I’ve recently entered.

While the young professionals interviewed were disillusioned because their ideas were not adopted or because they did not have work to challenge them, my qualm is because I feel like my career hasn’t really progressed.

I currently hold a position that is very similar to those I’ve held for the past four years. Now, this isn’t my employer’s fault – I think it’s a result of the fact that although I’ve held internships during college, I haven’t had any full-time experience. I’m over-qualified for entry-level positions, but under-qualified for the next step…

I’m working to carve out some responsibilities for myself and take on projects that interest me. This way, not only am I challenged, but I am growing my skills at the same time.