Monthly Archives: September 2008

Day 0 (to become Day 1 when I land)

In less than two hours, I’ll be on my way to the airport to begin my new life: new city, new job, new apartment, new mode of transportation, new day-to-day social circle, you get the idea…

When I’ve told me people about this move, the first question always asked is whether I’m excited. Now clearly, this is a positive move that I think will change my life for the better (no one sets out to make his/her life worse, do they?).

BUT I feel like I’m crazy to be walking away from everything I have now. It’s a blessing and a curse (don’t you hate when people say that?) that I realize how fortunate I am.

Here’s from what I’m walking away:

  • My family. My family was a big reason of why I moved back to this area after I graduated. I wanted to improve my relationships with my two sisters, aged 12 and 5. And I think that’s one thing that I have definitely accomplished over this last year and a third. My family, as crazy as it is, has been there to support me and that’s something that I’ll definitely miss.
  • My job. There’s three things here of note: the job itself, the company, and my coworkers. I love what I do, I love the people I work with, and I, for better or worse, consider my coworkers to be some of my best friends.
  • My apartment/car. Okay, clearly things that can be replaced, but both were awesome.
  • Living with my best friend. Deciding to live with a friend can be scary and has been known to lead to a failed friendship… I would say that although Lesley and I have had bumps in the road, overall, our friendship is stronger than ever.

I know I’ve talked about this ad nauseum (sp?) but I do really hope this will all work out because I feel crazy to have given up a great apartment, a good job with fun coworkers, living with my best friend, and having my family close by.

It’s Hard To Avoid Politics, Isn’t it?

A. I’ve realized I’m horrible at creating interesting titles, so they may soon all disappear.

B. I promised myself to not focus on the current political landscape, but I have no will power…

C. I have had a lot of time during these two weeks that I’m “in between jobs” (but seriously, I’m in between jobs), and that means that I’ve been fortunate/unfortunate enough to watch my fair share of news…

Today, I watched Sarah Palin introduce Senator John McCain at a rally in Iowa. It’s funny how these pre-written, completely-calculated speeches can really sway someone. When I heard her speak, I had to stop and remind myself how thoroughly I disagreed with her views, because it was easy to forget that as she spoke about her family business, her experience as a mom, etc.

BUT this article (Boston Globe, 14 Sept 2008) nicely sums up why the fate of Roe v. Wade could be decided with this election and why, all other things aside, I could never vote for a McCain/Palin ticket.

Can someone please explain?

I’m an avid watcher of Project Runway… I think it’s a relevant and engaging reality competition – the focus is on clothes creation as much as it is on the interaction between contestants. During last night’s challenge, for example, the designers created a post-graduation makeover look for six recent college graduates, with their mothers (the graduates’ not the designers’) overseeing the process. The goal was to create a fresh, young professional outfit in which the girls felt sophisticated and age-appropriate while still being classic enough to garner the mothers’ approval.

But here’s an aspect of the show that I never understood: the models. Usually, although – ironically – not for last night’s challenge, the designers are paired with models who wear the outfits in a runway show that is the basis for each week’s judging. The “winning” model (the one who is paired with the winning contestant at the end of each season) is awarded a spread in Elle Magazine along with some other prizes that are escaping me at the moment.

What I can’t grasp is how it is a competition for the models as well – it seems more like a luck crapshoot.

The models can’t really do anything to affect their participation and are not at fault when their designer is voted “out” by Heidi and her crew of judges.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing, nut I think they should remove that aspect of the show…