Monthly Archives: July 2007

random thought

I wonder if there’s a correlation between piano players and fast typers…

Does knowing how to play piano make you a better typer and/or does knowing how to properly type make you a better piano player?

If you think about it, both activities involve the same skill set…

Google to Buy Facebook?

I’m sure many big companies are envious of the constant publicity that seems to surround Facebook. It’s like the cool kid who always had the attention, but never seemed to put any effort into being cool… (And isn’t that the key to being cool – making it seem effortless?) Everywhere I turn (surf), there’s a Facebook mention.

Anyway, this post about the possibility of Google buying Facebook made me happy.  If Facebook has to grow up and become an adult, at least it should do it under Google’s wing – not Yahoo!’s.

Building Out

A good sign for a company is the “building out” of the executive team as it reflects the fact that more people are needed to direct and manage its growth. Facebook, a company near and dear to my heart, has just hired a new Marketing Chief.